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                        Warmly celebrate the opening of our new website running, we will be happy to serve you!2013-08-02

                      Wuxi Bikang Bioengineering Co., Ltd.(original Wuxi Biochemical Plant) was founded in 1995. It is the larger one amino acid manufacturers domestic. Our products are welcome home and abroad and have been exported to South Korea, Japan, Europe and America. In order to meet the urban development of Wuxi City, our company was reconstructed and moved. Nowadays, we have 2 production bases in Shandong Linyi Economic Development Zone and Anhui Xuancheng Lang Xi Economic Development Zone.
                      Our new factory covers an area of over 100,000 square meters and is  ...


                      Wuxi Bikang Bioengineering Co., Ltd.
                      Add: No.86-8, Hubin Road,Wuxi City
                      Hotline: 400-0510-518
                      Tel: +86-510-80245888
                      Fax: +86-510-80245999
                      Mobile: +86-13771475147
                      Url: www.bikangchina.cn  www.yxshequ.com

                        Kang will have been convinced
                      Talent is a key factor in enduring enterprise is one of the development of the country, the competition...
                        "Creating value for customers": the customer is god
                      will Kang, Kang will be customer-oriented, creating
                      valuethrough customer to realize their own value.
                      "For employees to create the future": employees
                      are a valuable asset Kang will...
                      I.D.:  @ bikangchina.cn P.W.: 
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